Golf Courses in Scoltand


Golf Courses

Scottish golf courses attract visitors from all over the world. If you are planning a golf tour then Hawkswood Country Estate offers a luxury accommodation in the heart of Fife. This means we have easy access to some of the best golf courses in the country. 

Hawkswood Country Estate is just 10 minutes drive from St Andrews. No golf trip in Scotland is complete without playing some iconic courses in the city. These include the Old Course, the New Course and the Eden Course. 

But St Andrews isn’t the only option if you want to play classic Scottish golf courses. 

In fact, Fife is home to around 40 golf courses.

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Golf Courses

In Fife

St Andrews may be the home of golf but if you travel further afield you will find many other challenging golf courses. 

Ladybank Golf Course is a heathland course, surrounded by beautiful heather, pine and silver birch tress. Burntisland Golf Course is the 10th oldest course in the world and offers stunning sea views. Lochore Meadows Golf Course is located within the Country Park and offers excellent opportunities to see local wildlife.

Anstruther Golf Course including the hole voted as the toughest three par hole in the UK. 

If you are planning a tour of Scottish golf courses, Hawkswood Country Estate is the ideal hub, offering luxury accommodation and practice 

Contact us to book or if you have any other questions about our accommodation.

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